Man remains jailed after reckless fleeing

BUCKHANNON — A man remains jailed on a cash only bond for a series of crimes following the recent traffic stop of a stolen car on the Vicksburg Road.

According to court documents, Christopher Allen Linville, age 27, was charged with fleeing in a vehicle, grand larceny, attempted identity theft, possession of stolen goods/vehicle, taking identity of another, destruction of property, fleeing from an officer, and driving while license suspended or revoked.

On May 21, Deputy Dakota Linger was reportedly patrolling Vicksburg Road in Buckhannon, when he noticed a man driving a Chevy Cobalt without a seat belt and initiated a traffic stop. The report said the driver initially identified himself as Shawn Linville and admitted he was driving on a suspended license. Upshur Communications Center advised that person actually had two previous driving while suspended charges. The officer then checked for warrants on the name used by the driver, as well as the passenger of the vehicle. At the time, the passenger did not have any warrants; however, a Kanawha County capias existed for the person the driver claimed to be.

Once the officer notified the defendant of the warrant for his arrest, he reportedly became distraught and demanded that the passenger exit the vehicle to locate paperwork in the trunk that would prove he had already taken care of the warrant. When the woman exited the vehicle as the driver directed, the defendant allegedly fled the scene at a high rate of speed across a grassy area back onto the Vicksburg Road.

After running multiple vehicles off the road, the defendant reportedly continued straight on Vicksburg Road leading onto Little Sand Run, taking out some shrubs and an outside air conditioner unit along the way. According to the criminal complaint, officers continued in pursuit down Phillips Dairy Road, where the defendant nearly sideswiped multiple vehicles in the process of fleeing. The vehicle pursuit concluded when the car went into a ditch and spun around, causing a big dust cloud. Deputy Linger entered the dust cloud and saw the car coasting backwards, but the defendant was no longer in the vehicle and had preceded to flee on foot. A K9 unit out of Randolph County was called to assist but was unable to find a trail.

The officer later found out the car was stolen from Lewis County and information gathered the following day determined the driver had lied about his identity and provided false information using his brother’s name and date of birth instead of his own. Magistrate Mark Davis issued a warrant with Christopher Linville’s correct identity on May 25.

Linville was subsequently arrested and booked at South Central Regional Jail in Charleston on May 27, where he remains in lieu of a combined $10,000 cash only bond on Upshur County charges.


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