Man in pursuit faces more charges

BUCKHANNON — Police have filed more charges against a man who fled from officers Monday.

Benjamin Harris Keller, 39, of Buckhannon, was previously arrested for strangulation, a felony, and two counts of fleeing with reckless indifference, both felonies, after he allegedly attempted to strangle his wife and then fled from officers.

Keller was spotted in Lorentz and led police on another pursuit before he was pinned in on the Old Weston Road and able to be taken into custody on Monday, March 13.

On Thursday, March 16, Cpl. Dewaine Linger and Cpl. Theron Caynor filed another felony fleeing with reckless indifference charge and two misdemeanor domestic battery charges.

Linger stated in the criminal complaint that he was involved in a high speed pursuit of Keller on Route 33 West Monday, but lost sight of him as Keller went into Lewis County.

Minutes later, Keller allegedly drove past Cpl. Nick Caynor from the Buckhannon Police Department as Nick Caynor was turning onto Brushy Fork Road from Route 33.

Keller turned into the DHHR parking lot to turn around. Nick Caynor pulled his cruiser in the middle of the entrance and activated his blue lights in an attempt to block Keller, according to the criminal complaint. Nick Caynor told Linger that Keller finished turning around and accelerated toward the cruiser before slowing down and turning to his left.

Keller then allegedly accelerated in an attempt to get past the officer and Nick Caynor pulled his vehicle up a little more to block Keller’s path. However, Keller accelerated past Caynor’s cruiser, striking the brush guard.

Nick Caynor lost sight of Keller and was not able to continue the pursuit.

Keller has also been charged with domestic battery relative to the incident involving his wife.

The victim stated that she was sitting at the kitchen table when Keller rushed in and pushed her and started to choke her. The victim had red marks on both sides of her neck.

Keller’s son then came into the room and pushed his father off the victim, but Keller turned on his son and allegedly threw him to the ground, according to the criminal complaint. The son had red marks on his chest.

Keller’s total bond is now $175,000 as set by Magistrate Mike Coffman.

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