Man held at gunpoint, stabbed at local motel

BUCKHANNON — Police responding to a noise complaint at a local motel last week found a man who had been held at gunpoint, tied up with zip ties and stabbed five times as part of an attempted robbery. One man is behind bars and police are looking for two more individuals connected with the alleged kidnapping and stabbing.

Chief Matt Gregory with the Buckhannon Police Department said he was called at 2:30 a.m. Thursday, and he and Lt. Doug Loudin responded to help city officers begin an investigation into just what transpired in Room 56 at the Colonial Motel.

“It began as a noise complaint about 1:30 a.m. Thursday,” Gregory said. “The desk clerk got a complaint about the noise in that room.”

The desk clerk knocked but no one came to the door, which prompted him to call police.

When Sgt. William Courtney, Cpl. Darin Hissam and PFC Marshall O’Connor arrived, they discovered the victim, Frank Hall, had been stabbed at least five times in the back. Hall had been tied up with duct tape and zip ties.

“He was transported to the hospital, and that is when myself and Doug were contacted to come out and assist,” Gregory said.

A female, Michaelina Sarne, and a male, later identified as Lamere Shaquille Troup, 24, of Camden, N.J., were also in the room.

“The female originally presented herself as a victim, stating that Frank was her brother and that he was visiting her and they had been accosted by two black males,” Gregory said. “When we arrived on scene, we only found one black male.”

As the investigation unfolded throughout the day Thursday, Gregory said officers came to believe that the sister, Sarne, had actually traveled from New Jersey with two men with the intent to rob her brother.

When they arrived in town, Hall came willingly to the hotel to visit his sister.

“At some point during his visit with his sister, two individuals who had ski masks and gloves came into the room, held Frank at gunpoint and preceded to tie him up with zip ties and duct tape,” Gregory said. “As they did so, they inquired about his money. When he didn’t give a satisfactory answer, one of the men began to stab him.

“At some point during the altercation with Frank, they dragged him into the bathroom, at which point there was a disagreement between the two males who were dragging him to the bathroom. One left the room.”

Moments later, the desk clerk came knocking.

Troup allegedly told officers that he was to be paid $10,000 for his role in the attempted robbery. He  was arrested for kidnapping, burglary, conspiracy to commit burglary, robbery or attempted robbery  and conspiracy to commit robbery, all felonies.

The BPD is now looking for Sarne and the unidentified black male.

“We are working diligently on positively identifying the man,” Gregory said.

Police believe the two may have headed back to New Jersey.

The victim, Hall, was treated and released from St. Joseph’s Hospital.

Magistrate Mike Coffman arraigned Troup, who is being held without bond on the kidnapping charge and on $250,000 bond for the other charges.

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