Losing a passion for sports and wins for B-U and WVU

BUCKHANNON – For a variety of reasons, I now have found myself at a crossroads regarding professional and collegiate sports.

In my almost 48 years on this planet, sports have meant more to me than just about anything else in this world other than my family.

I simply love competition, watching two teams line up to see who is the best…there is nothing better. Tears have flowed watching my team win, tears have flowed watching my team lose, with nothing but pure adrenaline running through my veins after an exciting win and the occasional expletive screamed at the television with a disappointing loss.

But something has happened this year. I wouldn’t say my interest has waned for sports, but rather it fell off a cliff and is now six feet under.

The number of NBA, MLB, NHL, NFL and collegiate games I have watched since everything started back up amid this never-ending COVID-19 pandemic is still stuck on zero.

For now, I will leave my reasons for not watching out of the equation because I learned a long time ago you never talk about politics or religion with anyone because it’s a no-win situation.

I guess the important reason to me is not why I quit watching, but why I haven’t missed it.

I thought there would be a void in my life not watching sports anymore, a hallow emptiness. My wife even asked me why I am punishing myself for not watching because she knows how much I love sports.

But there isn’t that void. There isn’t any remorse on my end for not watching. I can honestly say I never thought that would happen in my life. I just simply don’t care what they do anymore.

Will this feeling last, will I ever come back around to pro or collegiate sports again? I’m not sure. For someone who despises change, this has certainly done a 180 on how I live my life.

But enough about my midlife crisis, let’s get down to some Fearless Football Forecast talk, because I still love me some high school athletics.

Shea Phillips still holds a lead over me despite going 2-3 last week because I didn’t do any better going 2-3 as well.

Shea now holds a 9-4 mark while I check in with an 8-5 record.

Onto our games this week!

Greenbrier East (2-1) at Buckhannon-Upshur (1-2)

The Bucs aren’t nearly as bad as they showed last week and I’m not quite sure how good Greenbrier East is. They looked impressive against a winless AA Wyoming East team last week but sort of floundered two weeks ago in a loss to Jefferson. The Bucs will put it all together this week and eke out a win.

Duane: Buckhannon-Upshur, 21-20; Shea: Buckhannon-Upshur, 28-21

Robert C. Byrd (2-0) at Bridgeport (3-0)

Two rivals that simply don’t like one another. Unfortunately for the Eagles, Bridgeport has really dominated this series over the last decade or so. It’s scary to think that Bridgeport may be even better this year than last. The Tribe continue their dominance over the Eagles.

Duane: Bridgeport, 29-21; Shea: Bridgeport, 35-28

Musselman (2-1) at Fairmont Senior (1-1)

A very interesting Class AAA-AA match-up. Fairmont Senior is supremely talented again this year but I think they fall to under .500 after playing an ever better Appleman squad.

Duane: Musselman, 42-29; Shea: Fairmont Senior, 48-31

Elkins (1-2) at Philip Barbour (0-3)

Look for Elkins to get back to .500 and keep the improving Colts winless on the season.

Duane: Elkins, 33-23; Shea: Elkins, 21-7

WVU (1-0) at Oklahoma State (1-0)

There is something about playing Oklahoma football teams that WVU has trouble with. Since joining the Big XII, they are 0-8 against Oklahoma and just 2-6 against Oklahoma State. I don’t see anything changing this year, especially with this game being on the road.

Duane: Oklahoma State, 38-31; Shea: West Virginia, 28-27


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