Locals begin clean-up following “Snowmageddon”

BUCKHANNONThe winter weather affected every resident in Upshur County this past week. With roughly 17 inches of snowfall last week and approximately six to eight inches over the weekend, schools have been closed for a few days. Additionally, the roads, in many parts of the county, are just now starting to see daylight, as ice and snow melt away slowly.

Clean-up after a big snow or ice storm can be a bit tedious, but can prove crucial to home and vehicle owners. Research on Chubb.com found some of the best tips for snow clean-up are as follows:

Shovel leftover snow from yards or driveways to avoid extra work during the next snowfall. It is much easier to shovel and remove fresh snow than compacted snow formed into ice. Also, cleaning off roofs can prevent the formation of ice. This can prevent melting ice and snow from causing leaks while trying to drain off the roof. If melting snow has nowhere to go, a leak is even more probable.

Maintaining one’s home can also be a large physical task. Snow and ice can be a dangerous combination. To avoid injury, especially while shoveling snow, it is important to know the limits of the body. Trying to lift more than the body can handle can cause muscle strains, pulled ligaments, or result in the need for bedrest. Make sure someone knows where you will be while cleaning up to prevent being stranded in low temperatures, if injured.

Evaluate the perimeter of the property, inspecting trees to ensure there are no loose limbs or snow piled up on branches that could break and damage nearby houses.

Always check the inside of the home to make sure there are no leaks and all smoke and carbon monoxide detectors are working properly. A blocked vent on the outside of a home can be fatal. If vents are blocked, this could cause carbon monoxide to flow into the home, causing suffocation or even death.

If a pet is in the home, make sure they stay warm. Stocking up on food and water is important in case of emergencies. Some animal breeds prefer cold temperatures, such as huskies and cattle dogs. Many should understand that if an animal has shelter available to them, they will take advantage of it if they want.

With two of the largest snowfall this winter happening so close together, it is important to be prepared for future winter weather. Many have labeled last week’s snowfall as “Snowmageddon 2022” and, with ever changing weather conditions, understanding how to take care of homes and cars is more important than ever.

Stay warm and practice good home maintenance.


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