Local residents offer golden opportunity in designer gowns

BUCKHANNON — Two Buckhannon ladies have decided to try their hands at becoming fairy godmothers. 

Daya Wright and Heather Depoy recently saw an opportunity and bought the inventory from the Crowning Touch. They decided to sell all the dresses for $100 each.

“We saw an opportunity for a community nurturing project,” Wright said. “We wanted to try and play fairy godmother and help girls get brand new designer gowns that may not have been able to afford before.”

Depoy said they acquired 700 dresses ranging in sizes from 0-30 and that most of the dresses cost about $400 previously.

“We had a girl come in who was invited to a Special Olympics event and she wanted a dress,” Depoy said. “Everyone should feel pretty and beautiful, no matter the event or the price tag.”

Wright said prom and homecoming can be prohibitive because of the prices of dresses and accessories.

“It can be more cost effective to own a dress sometimes,” Wright said. “Owning a dress means you can pass it down to a relative, or put it back in your closet for future children or you can resell it.”

Wright said they received all of the inventory from the Crowning Touch, which means more than just dresses.

They currently have shoes, costume jewelry, pageant swimwear and some wedding gowns as well.

“Pageants are really popular,” Wright said. “It can be hard to afford all the things you need though so we’re just trying to make it more accessible.”

They said that this is just a pop up shop and will not remain opened long term. They are hoping to close down at the end of February.

“I know prom is the next one coming up,” Wright said. “But we have had people come in and get multiple gowns to plan ahead for homecoming too.”

Depoy said there are some cases where they might not have a specific dress someone may be looking for and they refer people to Dinah’s Boutique or Jade Envy.

“We’re not an official store,” Depoy said. “There are some cases where someone may be looking for a specific dress and we might not have it.”

Wright said Dinah’s Boutique and Elissa Mills donated racks for the dresses to show their support for the project.

The pop up shop has a Facebook and Instagram page called Downtown Gowns 2018, and can be reached on either of these platforms for an appointment.


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