Local man takes off on foot following domestic incident

BUCKHANNON — A 42-year-old man named Robert William Smith, of Buckhannon, was taken into custody after fleeing from law enforcement. Smith was allegedly involved in a domestic incident on Wednesday, November 4.

According to the criminal complaint that was filed by Sergeant Darin Hissam of the Buckhannon City Police Department (BPS), the Sergeant arrived at a residence in Buckhannon following a report of domestic battery. The report noted that while the victim was on the phone with the Upshur County Emergency Communications Center that rustling noises were heard and the phone line disconnected.

Upon arrival to the residence, the victim was seen standing outside in the parking lot. The victim stated that the defendant had become upset and had allegedly slapped her in the face several times. The report confirmed that both sides of the victim’s face had redness and scratches.

The victim also told law enforcement that the defendant had allegedly taken her phone away from her while she was speaking to 911 and tossed the phone away from her. The victim gave law enforcement permission to enter the residence. Upon entry, law enforcement noted that the defendant was no longer inside and appeared to have fled the area in the direction of a hillside behind the residence.

While law enforcement waws speaking with the victim, after some time had passed, the defendant called the victim and asked in law enforcement had left. The victim had advised the defendant that law enforcement had left. At this time Patrolman Fisher of the BPD spotted the defendant returning to the residence and advised him to stop but the defendant fled back up the hill.

The criminal complaint stated that at this time law enforcement attempted to locate the subject with the assistance of K9 Erros but were unable to secondary to dense brush. The victim obtained a protection order and was later contacted again by the defendant. The defendant was spotted by officers and he fled on foot again until he was finally apprehended.

Smith has been charged with two counts of fleeing from officer on foot, interfering with emergency communications, and domestic battery. He remains incarcerated at Tygart Valley Regional Jail on a $10,000 cash or surety bond.


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