Local man publishes romance/sci fi/fantasy book

BUCKHANNON —“True Love’s Affect” got placed in the romance category by Amazon, but the book leans more to the fantasy and science fiction genre despite its amorous title.

The author, Edward Silver, of Buckhannon, wanted to write a fantasy and science fiction book which is his favorite genre to peruse.

“I always wanted to write a book and one day I decided I am going to do it,” Silver said. “I’m just going to write a book. It was actually easier for me than I thought. It just seemed to flow. I didn’t have a problem with writing and I think that has a lot to do with that I write songs too.

“The trouble I did have, is I had some family issues that were happening at the time I was writing it, so that got put on the backburner. After I got back on writing the book, it flowed pretty easy.”

To write the book, Silver relied on new technology for the most part versus pen and paper or sitting in front of a computer screen.

“I wrote a lot of it using voice to text programs,” he said.  “I found it easier because I could think of the story faster than I could type it,” he said. “I read that a lot of authors are doing that now and it’s a good way to do it.”

The end result, “True Love’s Affect,” draws the reader into a world that shows the importance of true love.

“We have true love males and we have true love females,” Silver said. “These true love males — we know who they are — there is a group who keeps track of the true love males because they are from the same family lines. Every generation, there is a true love male. We don’t know who the true love females are because it is random. So, the true love males go out when they reach the age of 20 and try to find their true love female.”

But this is not a typical romance as it has a fantasy science fiction vibe.

“When they find their true love female, they develop powers and abilities – the kind of abilities like helping people feel happy, helping people to understand what love is really about,” he said.  “Some of them can heal people.

“In general, these true love couples wherever they are, they help the world feel better around them. People feel good around them so they lend a lot to society.

“What I say in the book is we have a lot of true love couples in the past like Guinevere and Lancelot,” Silver said. “I give lots of examples. I like mixing ancient and modern in my writing and the connections that can happen back then as opposed to now.”

And just like in any story there are forces of good and forces of evil.

“There’s also the darkness,” he said. “They are the bad people.  In the darkness, I explain it really exists and that these true love couples help keep it at bay. What’s interesting is they have to stay together for a year before they become bonded.

“Once they are together a year, they become bonded. Then they can have this eternal bond that never goes away. That’s when they start having their powers develop basically.

“The bad guys don’t want them to have this ability and have true love in the world. During the dark ages, that’s when we lost a lot of true love couples. The more true love couples we have on earth, the more happiness there is on earth.”

“As time went on, they built back up again,” he said. “The darkness tries to take the true love female away once they figure out who it is. If the true love female is away from the male for more than a year, than the true love male turns mad and goes to the darkness because he’s not with his true love.”

During the story, each character grows and learns about their heritage.

Silver wrote about places he knows so readers will find Buckhannon, West Virginia featured prominently in the book with mentions of West Virginia Wesleyan College and Pickens.

The other main location in the book is Thousand Islands, N.Y.

“I wanted to put in places that I knew,” he said. “My uncle has a cabin on Thousand Islands, N.Y. and it literally has over a 1,000 islands. They say write what you know.”

And what Silver knows the best is science fiction and fantasy.

“I like fantasy/science fiction as my favorite,” he said. “Isaac Isimov has always been one of my favorite authors. I have never been into horror books or anything like that. I do like a book that tells a good story, it doesn’t necessarily have to be fantasy or science fiction. If it tells a good story and does it well, I like those. But if you catch me reading a book, it will mostly be science fiction so that is why I leaned towards science fiction fantasy in my writing because that’s also what I know.”

Something else Silver knows — red heads.

“Both of the main characters in the story are red heads,” he said. “I adore my wife’s hair. There ends up being an important reason why both the female lead characters have red hair. Of course you will have to read it to find out.”

The title “True Love’s Affect” throws people off but Silver wants them to know that the love story is woven throughout a fantasy piece that includes elements of fantasy and science fiction.

“People think automatically it is a romance novel,” he said. “I think that’s why Amazon put it in the romance category but it is a fantasy/science fiction.

“I believe in true love itself,” he said. “I think it exists and it is real. Some people don’t. They are jaded for whatever reason. I have met couples who are amazing and you can say they make the world a better place because of the way they are.

“True love does exist in my mind and the story brings that out, I think,” he said. “I had someone who reads the book say they will never think of their husband the same way again. I want them when they read the book to really think about what they are reading. It can change them emotionally. I want people to be absorbed in the book enough that it changes them emotionally.

“We are in a time where people hear ‘true love’ and they turn off,” he said. “We need to be in a time where we don’t turn off when we hear that. There’s a lot of problems going on now and I think this is the kind of book, that if people read it and just thought about true love, that it might change their attitude.”

Silver is getting ready to launch his promotion of the book which can be found on Amazon and bn.com or through his website, truelovesaffect.com. A Kindle version is available and it will be on audio book eventually.

“They gave me the opportunity to read it myself or have someone else do it and I’m still debating that,” he said.

Silver designed the artwork for the cover himself and incorporated another one of his talents into the book.

“One of the main characters writes a song for his true love after he meets her,” he said. “True love males can’t help themselves; they are hopelessly romantic.”

The book will tell the reader where to go to listen to the song.

“So far everyone who has read the book has told me that they like the book a lot,” he said. “As an author, that’s what you want. You want people to write reviews.”

That feedback was important to Silver as he wrote the book and edited and re-edited chapters.

“Editing was actually more difficult than writing it,” he said. “I was surprised at how difficult it was. You would go through a chapter and think ‘this is solid; I’m done’ and then you would read it again and find out you are not done. You want to make sure your story flows, so once in a while I had something change in the first two or three chapters and I would have to go through the whole book and make sure that did not change the rest of the book.

“I think it went through eight edits altogether and there were three different people reading and editing it, as well as myself,” he said. “I think that’s important too. Don’t be the only one editing it. Have other people edit it because you will gloss by things due to the way you wrote it.”

Silver said he was sent three proofs to make sure they were right and then later he was sent the first 50 copies of the finished work in a box.

“Actually getting the finished copy, that was pretty awesome,” he said. “That was the moment where I could say, ‘I’m an author. I have it in my hand. It’s done.’”

Silver has already started book two.

“Several of the people who I let read book one asked ‘what is going to happen next?’” he said. “You just know there is more to the story.”

And that story is already playing out in Silver’s head.

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