Local man faces multiple charges, large bond

BUCKHANNON — Gregg Scott Haymond, age 49 of Buckhannon, is currently being held on a $30,000 bond after receiving multiple charges ranging from failure to register as a sex offender to possession of a controlled substance.

According to the criminal complaint filed by West Virginia State Police Trooper First Class (TFC) P.J. Robinette on Thursday, September 15 at approximately 4 p.m. TFC Robinette was conducting road patrol on W.Va. 151 in Buckhannon when he observed a maroon 1998 Ford Mustang convertible traveling eastbound. It appeared that the vehicle has a 2023 MVI (motor vehicle inspection) sticker that was discolored and falling off the windshield. TFC Robinette was traveling westbound and began to turn his cruiser around in the roadway to make a traffic stop when the vehicle made an abrupt right hand turn onto Hunter Drive without signaling. At this point, TFC Robinette initiated his overhead lights to make a traffic stop on said vehicle which had pulled into a driveway on the left-hand side of the road.

TFC Robinette contacted the driver which was later identified as Gregg Haymond and informed him of the reason for the stop. The defendant confirmed that the MVI sticker did not belong on the vehicle and that he also did not possess a valid operator. The defendant also noted that he had multiple driving revoked charges for DUI convictions. TFC Robinette then asked for driver’s license, proof of registration and proof of insurance to which Haymond replied he did not have secondary to him recently purchasing the vehicle just four days prior. Haymond told TFC Robinette that he did not know what the registration plate on the vehicle belonged on as it was already attached when he bought it. TFC Robinette then instructed Haymond to exit the vehicle at which point he was then detained.

Next, TFC Robinette ran the defendant’s operators through the West Virginia State Police (WVSP) Elkins Communications Center which noted that the defendant had a revoked operators due to multiple DUI’s as well as two other prior Driving Revoked for DUI convictions. WVSP Elkins Communications Center also informed TFC Robinette that Haymond had an active warrant through Upshur County for Failure to Register Sex Offender dated June 27,2022. TFC Robinette then informed Haymond that he was under arrest.

Then TFC Robinette seared the accused incident to arrest and located an empty corner of a baggy with a residue of a white powdery substance inside his right watch pocket. Haymond stated that the residue was methamphetamine and he had not used in approximately four days prior to being stopped. TFC Robinette asked Haymond if there was anything illegal inside the vehicle to which Haymond said no and stated a search could be performed. The defendant asked TFC Robinette to retrieve money from within the center console from a paycheck Haymond has recently cashed. While retrieving said money TFC Robinette found a closed silver metal tin and clear plastic cylinder container containing a green leafy substance with the appearance of marijuana wedged between the center console and driver’s seat. TFC Robinette opened the silver tin and seized three separate small clear plastic baggies all of which contained a clear crystal-like substance. Haymond informed TFC Robinette the substance was methamphetamine that he had recently purchased for $100. The weight of all three baggies were approximately 8.72 grams. TFC Robinette also seized the clear plastic cylinder container of marijuana which weighed approximately 1.05 grams.

Later TFC Robinette was informed by the WVSP Elkins Communications Center that the registration displayed on the vehicle belonged on a 2000 Subaru Legacy which expired in August of 2019. The registration on Haymond’s vehicle had a 2023 sticker in which appeared to be peeling off and he been taken from another registration plate.

Haymond has been charged with Failure to Register second offense, Driving Revoked for Driving Under the Influence third offense, Fraudulent Motor Vehicle Inspection, Driving Suspended, No Insurance, Possession of Controlled Substance- Meth and Possession of Controlled Substance- Marijuana.


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