Local hopes high-protein legumes can help end hunger

ADRIAN Adrian resident David Whitmoyer recently combined his skillsets and knowledge to experiment with growing peas for a grand purpose.

Whitmoyer has studied chemistry and agriculture, all while playing the flute for over 50 years. The jack-of-all-trades combined his talents to grow legumes high in protein. The purpose? To help feed and nourish the world.

His in-home operation began in early January when he planted two sets of pea plants by hand. Since then, Whitmoyer has been experimenting with the growing process, using different elements to yield the highest protein outcome. He has even combined his flute playing with the process, studying how the vibrations and sound waves impact the growth/yield of the pea pods. “The wave-like nature of sound is what I’m documenting. Light and sound behave similarly, and after studying sound, I knew something with the grow was missing,” he explained.

Whitmoyer said he plans to harvest the peas at maturity and run tests to determine the protein content of his harvest. Following the pea experiment, he will apply what he learned to begin growing peanuts— this time, in a greenhouse.

Whitmoyer hopes his discoveries with protein can be implemented and used in some way to eventually help provide essential nourishment to those who lack access to food. This local man certainly seems to have the knowledge, heart and persistency to make it happen.



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