Local Firefighter publishes in national magazine

Joseph Baxa shows a copy of the magazine that recently published his writing.

BUCKHANNON — A local firefighter recently had the opportunity to share his expertise when an article he wrote was published in a nationally-recognized firefighting magazine.

Captain Joseph Baxa, a 15-year firefighter with the Buckhannon Fire Department authored an article titled “The Staffing Dichotomy: Quality vs. Quantity” that was published in Fire Engineering magazine. In it, Baxa discusses the difficult place that fire departments often find themselves in, caught between the need for many firefighters and the need for skilled firefighters.

“A lack of balance between quality and quantity will often mean the difference between order and chaos within the department,” Baxa wrote. “It is easy to understand that too few firefighters will not produce positive results during emergencies even if they maintain a positive appearance in their nonemergency roles. However, we must also grasp the fact that a plethora of firefighters are no good if they lack the mental, physical, and moral readiness to be dependable.”

Praise was given to Baxa and his article by Buckhannon Fire Chief J.B. Kimble and Banks District Fire Chief John Roby. “We are very lucky to have him,” Roby said of Baxa. “He is a wealth of knowledge.”

Baxa’s article in Fire Engineering can be found linked on his Facebook page @InstructorJoeyBaxa.


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