Local duo receives grant for music equipment

BUCKHANNON — Getting to watch and listen to Key to Adam perform is an opportunity that is not soon forgotten! Whether the duo is playing live music at a restaurant, wedding, on livestream, or at one of their exclusive performances, Adam Moyer and Key Williams are guaranteed to captivate audiences with their outstanding musical abilities.

After meeting during an “Open-Mic Night” at Dough Re Mi in 2016, the couple has been playing guitar and violin together ever since, bringing countless smiles to the faces of all who listen.

“When we play together, we hope listeners go away feeling calmer and more at peace than they may have been when we started,” Moyer added.

During the pandemic, Key to Adam used the equipment they could access to start live-streaming their performances on Facebook, and on their website www.KeytoAdam.com. Adam explained, “We started our Facebook Livestream as a way to help the community at a time when people couldn’t leave their houses and couldn’t come together, and they’ve become very poplar as a way for people to still be able to experience the healing power of music and fellowship without needing to leave their homes. Since the pandemic is still continuing to cause disruptions in people’s daily lives, our hope is that we can continue to bring them music and laughs regardless of whether they can leave their homes.”

“We also have a number of retirement homes that, while they can’t have guests, have been able to enjoy our livestreams and still interact with us online. As the pandemic hopefully becomes less of a daily factor in the future, our goal is to continue to provide our music to everyone who has used it to help them cope throughout these difficult times,” Adam continued.

On Wednesday of last week, Key to Adam received a $7,437 grant from the West Virginia Department of Arts, Culture, and History and the National Endowment for the Arts, with approval from the West Virginia Commission on the Arts. The funds will be used to purchase all new equipment to improve the production of their broadcasts. Better audio/video, prerecorded segments, and other great additions, such as a new camera, new computer, software license, lighting, mics, etc.

Anyone interested in watching Key to Adam perform can find the duo playing at the Huntington Mall on Black Friday weekend— Fri, Sat, and Sun. They will be back at that location 3 to 4 more times before Christmas. The duo will also be at Meadowbrook Mall 5 to 6 times before Christmas, as well and starting their live streams back up online. The public can also access a list of their public events on www.KeytoAdam.com.


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