Local Delegates to introduce border wall bill

CHARLESTON – Delegates Carl “Robbie” Martin, R-Upshur; Patrick Martin, R-Lewis; and Caleb Hanna, R-Webster, have announced their plan to introduce a bill that would divert $10 million from the state’s current $185 million surplus to help President Donald Trump build a wall along the southern U.S. border.

“West Virginians support our President and the wall,” Delegate Carl Martin said. “They’re sick of seeing Washington politicians sit on their hands while drug gangs, human traffickers and other criminals pour over our southern border. It’s time for states to stand up and do what they can to support our President in his fight to protect innocent Americans.”

Delegate Hanna announced the plan publicly during a Tuesday morning appearance on “Fox and Friends.”

“I believe in President Trump and the wall,” Delegate Hanna said. “For me, this is no different than sending our National Guard to the border or overseas to protect U.S. interests. We, as a state, have resources available to help make America more secure, and I believe West Virginians would want those resources used to make us safer.”

The delegates said one of the most pressing issues facing West Virginia right now is the rampant drug problem – a problem fueled in part by the trafficking of highly potent, illicit drugs across the U.S.-Mexico border.

“This is about our children and our future, and we must do everything in our power to protect them,” Delegate Patrick Martin said. “Since the D.C. liberals have shown they will do anything to avoid protecting our borders, we must show we are willing to act. I hope West Virginia serves as an example to other states, it’s time for states to stand up against inaction in Washington and band together to do what’s right.”

The delegates’ proposal is currently being drafted and should be formally introduced in the Legislature in the coming days.


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