Local couple charged with stealing from youth soccer league

BUCKHANNON — A local woman who was entrusted to manage the funds of the Upshur County Youth Soccer Association is now facing two felony counts, along with her husband, related to their alleged theft of funds.

Kathryn Hasbrouck, 36, of Buckhannon, stands accused of the felony offense of embezzlement and one felony count of fraudulent use of an access device for illegally taking funds from UCYS from March to June of this year. Following her appointment as Treasurer of the UCYS organization, Hasbrouck was reportedly provided a debit card for the sole purpose of making deposits for the association. According to UCYS President Kevin Nicholson, Hasbrouck knew that the debit card was not to be used for withdrawing funds or personal use.

Court documents allege that Hasbrouck not only made cash withdraws from several ATMs around Buckhannon during the four-month period, but she also used $145.80 of the money she took from the organization to pay her own Progressive auto insurance. Of the $3,385.55 stolen from the association, none has reportedly been repaid or returned to the Upshur County Youth Soccer bank account.

After the Treasurer failed to provide financial statements for a board meeting on June 22, 2021, she allegedly told the President that she was “having problems getting the account to balance” and that she may have “accidentally used” the UCYS debit card. Nicholson reportedly checked the UCYS Premier Bank account online, as he and Hasbrouck were the only two individuals with access to the account. The Buckhannon Police Department was then notified of unauthorized charges to the account and the investigation was underway for a possible case of embezzlement. 

From March to June, the defendant was captured on security camera footage using ATMs to make unauthorized withdraws on the same dates and times the Upshur County Youth Soccer bank statements reflect.

Her husband, James Hasbrouck, 39, was also caught on surveillance footage in May using the UCYS debit card to withdraw $205 at First Community Bank. Once again in June, James Hasbrouck was caught on camera using the UCYS debit card to withdraw $405.00, according to court documents. The defendant was not authorized to use the card or make withdraws, as Kathryn Hasbrouck and Kevin Nicholson were the only individuals permitted to use the debit card solely for UCYS purposes.

If convicted of felony embezzlement, Kathryn Hasbrouck faces possible imprisonment for not less than 10 years. Both she and James Hasbrouck also each face up to 10 years in prison and/or a $10,000 fine for each count of fraudulent use of an access device.

Magistrate Mark Davis set bond for each of the Hasbroucks in the amount of $500, of which only 10% was required to be posted on July 27 and the other 90% was accepted as personal recognizance bonds. More charges are reportedly expected to follow.


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