Local author publishes first book

BUCKHANNON — A local man announces the release of his first book, “A Lifetime of Hunting Grouse and Woodcock Hunting with English Setters.” A full-time resident of West Virginia, Rodger Lundell has always loved hunting wildlife and experiencing the great outdoors.

“In the 40s and early 60s, when you went hunting then, you went hunting for food,” said Lundell. This activity of necessity is where it all started for him, and later became his sport of choice. Lundell said he fell in love with bird hunting and that led him to get two degrees from West Virginia University, a BSF in Forestry and a MS in Outdoor Recreation. His decision to share his experiences through writing began three years ago, and Lundell is proud to finally have a finished product. After completing the novel, he submitted it to Dorrance Publishing. 

“A Lifetime of Grouse and Woodcock Hunting with English Setters” recognizes Rodger Lundell’s passion for the sport of bird hunting. This book gives insight into the ideas and encounters of Lundell’s 59 years of hunting Grouse and Woodcock. Each page is a look into the past of all his memories with hunting companions and his loyal English Setter bird dogs. “I never liked to hunt alone,” said Lundell. One memory he mentioned from his book was a hunting trip with a friend and Lundell recounted how they tried to catch a grouse in log. “After laying our guns down to shake the log, the bird flew away,” Lundell laughed. 

Lundell’s book can be bought at Amazon.com for $28.93. He hopes one day it can be purchased locally and found in libraries. His advice for others who are interested in becoming an author, is to write a book on their real life experiences.


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