Little Bucs run in Doddridge County Invitational

WEST UNION — The Buckhannon-Upshur Middle School boys’ cross country team traveled to the 2021 Doddridge County Invitational Thursday. They placed 13th in the 16-school invitational. 

Although not placing in the top 5, Briston Hyre placed 50th with a 14:07.19 run time and Jacob Frye took 64th running a 14:41.75. Aiden Squires, Jonathan Howes, Kenton Stump, Weldon and Reece Zirkle, Bryce Mullens, and Zach Loftis all placed ranging between 86th and 129th place. 

The individual top-5 runners were taken by Doddridge County, Bridgeport Middle, Tyler Consolidated, and West Fairmont schools. First place was sealed by Doddridge County’s Carter Sias with a run time of 11:00.34. 

Watch for more updates, schedules, and results in the next edition of The Record Delta.

The results:


1. Doddridge County Middle School 45.

2. Taylor County Middle School 110.

3. Lincoln Middle School 122.

4. Warren Middle School 134.

5. Tyler Consolidated Middle School.

6. East Fairmont Middle School.

7. Bridgeport Middle School. 

8. Pleasant’s County Middle School.

9. Mountaineer Middle School.

10. Ritchie County Middle School.

11. West Fairmont Middle School.

12. Braxton County Middle School.

13. Buckhannon-Upshur Middle School.

14. Covenant Christian School

15.Washington-Irving Middle School.

16. Westwood Middle School.


1. Carter Sias (Doddridge County) – 11:00.34

2. Troy Zorick (Bridgeport Middle) – 11:01.38

3. Amos Kimble (Tyler Consolidated) – 11:16.18

4. Josiah Brannen (West Fairmont) – 11:31.66

5. Trey McDonough (Doddridge County) – 11:45.98

Buckhannon-Upshur results

Briston Hyre (50th) – 14:07.19

Jacob Frye (64th) – 14:41.75

Aiden Squires (85th) – 15:39.30

Jonathan Howes (86th) – 15:41.52

Kenton Stump (87th) – 15:42.79

Weldon Zirkle (108th) – 16:49.37

Reese Zirkle (109th) – 16:49.62

Bryce Mullens (120th) – 17:19.79

Jack Loftis (129th) – 18:06.09


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