Literacy Volunteers extend thanks to supporters

BUCKHANNON — For more than 15 years, the First Community Bank in Buckhannon has generously permitted the Literacy Volunteers of Upshur County (LVUC) to use their second-story suite of offices to store thousands of donated books, student/teacher tutoring supplies, and all manner of event, fundraising and holiday supplies. The bank also gave LVUC a space to house books slated for its online Amazon Bookstore—a much needed additional source of revenue. We cannot thank them enough for all these years of support!

Given notice of the bank’s intent to remodel their second-floor space, LVUC was involved in a month long effort to pack up and relocate the accumulation of all these years—a massive effort!

LVUC would like to acknowledge and thank the following volunteers for their time and much appreciated “muscle” to aid in this pack-up and relocation project. We could not have done it without their month long help!


The crew from Opportunity House:  The administrators and OppHouse residents who gave us their unflagging help and muscle. 

Boy Scouts Troop 100:  Scoutmaster Clayton Tenney and Scouts: Luke Waggy, Preston Seelback, Hunter Barrett, Blake Osburn, Jack Waggy, Alex Casto, and Bob Waggy. 

LVUC Volunteers and Friends:  Linda and Mike Feola, Ben and Beverly Crutchfield, Joe Rogers, Creed Pletcher, Ginny and Lee Dixon, Kim Walls, Anne Chopyak, Jennifer and Mike Higham, and Robert Anderson.

LVUC, located at 88 W. Main Street, Buckhannon, will re-open its doors on a date to be announced later this year.   

If you are interested in learning to read, improving life skills (i.e. checking accounts, budgeting, etc.), and/or need help with learning English as Second Language (ESL), please call us at (304) 472-2343, and leave a message. We are here to help! Want to volunteer as a tutor? Call us! Look for further announcements regarding Book Sales, Raffles, and new book sale location in the near future.


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