Linger takes first at Fiji BJJ West Virginia Championship tournment

BUCKHANNON — Mady Linger, a 10-year-old Buckhannon native, is the No. 1 ranked female athlete in West Virginia for the 6 to 13-year-old age division by Fuji BJJ, in terms of no gi jiu-jitsu. She is also No. 5 ranked in terms of gi jiu-jitsu. Linger trains at the Body Armor MMA martial arts school located in Buckhannon, under the tutelage of coach Chad Marsh.

On December 4, 2021, Linger competed at the West Virginia Championship tournament as part of the Fuji BJJ Championship Series. She outclassed some of the top competition in the state on her way to being crowned state champion for her age group in no gi jiu-jitsu.

This is a massive achievement for the young local product, who has competed in jiu-jitsu for just under two years. Linger plans to continue to strive to work at her craft and fully pursue her passion for martial arts in hopes of realizing her potential.

Her father David Linger is very proud of the level of dedication and drive his daughter has shown in her pursuit of jiu-jitsu goals, saying, “It is so rewarding to see her hard work pay off and I am super proud of her. This experience has been so rewarding for her.”

Linger also drew praise from Marsh, who spoke glowingly about his star pupil. “She is an overall strong martial artist. She is an incredibly quick study. She picked up on the various aspects of jiu-jitsu in no time,” Coach Marsh said. “Her progress in such a short amount of time has been impressive to say the least. If she sticks with martial arts and continues to compete, I think she truly has limitless potential. I think Mady’s success is a credit to her hard work. I think she is a great representative of our outstanding program for the 6-13 age division.”

While martial arts, and jiu-jitsu in particular, can be demanding in terms of the time and level of dedication it takes to master techniques, Marsh believes it is worth it in the end, as it provides an avenue for teaching kids discipline and control. “It allows them to test themselves and show what are capable of under duress,” Marsh explained. “It makes them think, make quick decisions and teaches them to work through adversity. I firmly believe that taking part in martial arts is very beneficial learning experience because it pushes kids to grow and build a strong sense of self-worth through hard work. The lessons they learn through jiu-jitsu will pay dividends for our athletes later in life.”

With further training under Marsh’s steady guidance at Body Armor MMA, Buckhannon’s local jiu-jitsu prodigy will continue to push herself to improve and compete at a high level. At such a young age, Linger has plenty of room to grow into her full potential as a martial artist. It will be exciting to see where her athletic pursuits take her in the future.


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