Linger educates with martial arts

BUCKHANNON — The safety and security of our children should always be a routine goal for everyone, as well as providing quality care for the youth of the community. Master Megan Linger helps locally by doing just that with her expertise in martial arts and self-defense.

Linger was born in the Netherlands, as her father served about 23 years in the U.S. Army and still continues to serve. Linger was only six years old when she began her training in martial arts and has long been disciplined in the Chuck Norris System. She has followed that system for 19 years, which is a Korean-based American hard style of martial arts founded by Mr. Chuck Norris himself. “Martial arts was the only sport I knew I was good at. I did do other sports like tee-ball, soccer, and ballet, but wasn’t as good. My dad said that he had to keep me in something, so karate was it, and it just stuck,” Linger explained. 

For six years, she was head instructor of her trainer’s studio and later opened her own studio in Virginia at the age of 20. She opened Mountain State Martial Arts and Fitness here in Buckhannon after moving to West Virginia in the Summer of 2018. “I was homeschooled, so martial arts really got me out of my shell and out of my comfort zone. I didn’t have the intimidation of a team sport, so I was really able to work on myself,” Linger stated. Master Linger makes a deep focus to work with all ages on a personal level and collectively as a class. She mentioned, “The inspiration of my instructors with the one-on-one time they took, I really try to fit that into my classes. I really try to work individually with people to help them grow in martial arts personally with what works for them and try to give back as much as I can.” 

Linger devotes her time and knowledge to a women’s self-defense class, too. “A lot of studios do a seminar, but only do it every six months. But I do it every week. Obviously, if you want to become effective at something, you need to practice on a regular basis,” Linger stated. “I know many women feel intimidated at times and if there is anything I can give through my classes, it is for them to feel comfortable and have the proper preparation they need with self-defense. Many women think that they’re not active enough, but you don’t have to be in super shape for self-defense. However, any self-defense you do or want to learn, you need to do now – you don’t want to wait until you have become a victim already,” Linger emphasized.

One of Linger’s students, Barry Koon, shared experiences of taking the classes. “We absolutely love coming here and make plans for attending the classes. We’ve tried a few other places, but this one’s certainly the one for us. My daughter does the kid’s classes, which she loves, and Megan is absolutely great with the kids,” Koon remarked.

Instructing the Chuck Norris Program by managing two studios has been a deep passion for Linger. She teaches young children from the early age of two, up to adults of all ages. “At my first studio, the oldest I had was a gentleman who was 64 and is a black belt, and another man at 52 I’m still training who comes in regularly and actually helps me manage my other studio,” Linger mentioned. With the innumerable amount of hours spent investing her time into training and teaching all of her life, Linger’s awards, pictures, and trophies in her studio show proof of her excellence in martial arts. She has also had the honor of meeting the man and the legend himself, Chuck Norris, several times. “Mr. Norris was a world class fighter before he even did any movies. The story goes that Bruce Lee taught Chuck Norris how to act and he taught Bruce Lee how to fight,” Linger commented. Master Linger is the real deal when it comes to fighting and self-defense. She mentioned, “I fight at the competitions every year in Las Vegas, and there has only been one time that I haven’t placed. Other than that, I’ve placed every year I’ve went.”

Master Megan Linger possesses a fifth-degree Master Rank Black belt in The Chuck Norris System (CNS) and is a certified instructor under the CNS. She is also a certified trainer in the Israeli martial art of Krav Maga and trains in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Linger is a two-time World Champion in the Chuck Norris System’s Annual Competition for women’s fighting held every year in Las Vegas. Accommodating her expertise in fighting and self-defense, Linger also has her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from the University of Mary Washington, specializing in kids with special needs. She’s worked with and trained kids who have Down Syndrome, ADHD. Autism (Low and High Functioning), and anxiety.

She has long been training in martial arts, and now shares that as an instructor so she may teach those wishing to practice martial arts. But more importantly, self-defense, as well as helping those with special needs. Linger offers a wonderful and beneficial service for the community here in Buckhannon. Anyone wishing to attend and train in her martial art classes can reach her at 304-931-9504 or on Facebook at Mountain State Martial Arts and Fitness.


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