Lewis-Sines swears in as City Councilor

BUCKHANNON — Shelia Lewis-Sines took the official oath of office administered by Mayor Robbie Skinner Wednesday morning, becoming Buckhannon’s newest member of City Council.

On Thursday, Aug. 19, Lewis-Sines was appointed to fill the Council seat left vacant by Mary Albaugh’s resignation on Aug. 5.

When asked what drove her to become a public servant, City Recorder Randy Sanders reported the new City Councilor referenced her late father, who was one of her biggest supporters for entering into the public arena. The love for her father is why she keeps her maiden name—Lewis—as a part of her identity.   

Following the swearing in ceremony, Lewis-Sines toured City Hall, the Buckhannon Fire Department and the Buckhannon Police Department, preparing to take the reins of her new role.

She told The Record Delta, “I am honored to be on the City Council and trusted to be a voice for the wonderful people of Buckhannon. I will do my best to serve you all, with care and consideration for our community.”

Lewis-Sines will take her seat at the table on City Council during the next meeting scheduled for Thursday, September 2.

About Shelia Lewis-Sines: Shelia Lewis-Sines is a native of Buckhannon and is married to Ray Sines who served in the Army and served and retired from the National Guard. While Shelia has traveled quite a bit, and at times thought that she could be happy living elsewhere, she was always felt “pulled” to return to her hometown of Buckhannon. She worked for Energy Federal Credit Union in Rockville, Maryland, then for several years at McJunkin Appalachian of Buckhannon, before becoming an executive assistant for Mid Atlantic Well Service in Jane Lew. Currently, Shelia enjoys being a wife, homemaker, and grandmother of two awesome boys and one beautiful little girl. She also loves gardening, interior, and exterior decorating, and design, as well as entertaining. Shelia is honored to have been selected to serve the citizens of Buckhannon as a member of City Council and is looking forward to putting in the work necessary to achieve success for the community.


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