Levy approved 1,717 to 854

Upshur County schools will continue to count on the school levy after voters approved it, once again, Saturday by a vote of 1,717 for and 854 against. One ballot was blank.

“We as a school system are excited and thankful,” Superintendent of Upshur Schools Dr. Sara Stankus said. “The passage of the levy exemplifies the trust that people have in the schools of Upshur County.”

Dr. Stankus pointed out the importance of the levy to the children of Upshur County.

“Our children are the future,” she said. “Who could be more precious and important. We take this investment seriously and are going to work hard to continue to earn our community’s trust in our educational system.”

“We are ecstatic and grateful to the people who supported us, Dr. Stankus said. “We are happy for the students of our county who will continue to have the quality music, art, athletic, and academic programs that are currently offered.

“We are thankful that our teachers and staff will have the added resources that will allow them to do their jobs more efficiently, “she said. “We appreciate our community more than they will ever know.

Dr. Stankus also applauded all of the individuals who worked to get this levy passed once again in Upshur County.

"There are so many people who have worked hard to get this levy passed,” she said. “Community people who have led the levy committee for a number of years have done a phenomenal job. To win by such a margin is an achievement that took a full community effort. The thing we are most happy about is that we can move forward and not have to make the drastic cuts we would have had to make had the levy failed.”   

She also applauded the voters who have supported the levy over the past 20 plus years for their support and dedication.

"The people of this community have supported their schools and their children in levy renewals for over 20 years,” she said. “I grew up here; continue to live and work here; and have raised my own children in this community and educated them in our school system by choice.  Upshur County is a great place to live, work and raise a family.  We just want to say thank you to our community.  We are blessed. We are Upshur Strong.”

Voters overwhelmingly supported the levy by a 66.78 margin for and a 33.22 percent against.

Out of Upshur County’s 13,517 registered voters only 2,572 went to the polls to cast their vote in the levy election. That breaks down to a 19.25 percent voter turnout.

Approval of the levy got off to a strong start with the return of the first eight precincts giving the levy a strong 847 for and 287 against. With the next six precincts coming in the totals stood at 1,302 for and 551 against. With 19 precincts reporting, the writing was on the wall, with 1,674 for and 815 against. The final total, with all 21 precincts reporting, brought victory with 1,717 for and 854 against.


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