Letter: Where are our senators?

Dear Editor:


I wish we had a senator like Senator Chris Murphy from Connecticut. He, unlike Capito and Manchin, understands the role of a U.S. Senator. I know because I looked it up after I came home from a town hall meeting Thursday night where Capito didn’t show up. No representatives, no excuses, no show. Chris Murphy shows up and shows up and shows up.

The role of a U.S. Senator is to represent the views of their state in the Senate. Well, how do you represent the views of your state if you don’t want to hear from them. How do you represent your constituents views when you won’t take any phone calls and your responses to emails are nothing more than sound bites? What constituent’s views are being represented if your Senator doesn’t show up to town hall meetings to hear what you have to say? Should we not be outraged? I am.

I can get more answers from a senator who is not my U.S. Senator. I have gained more useful information from Senator Murphy about the ACA then from either of my senators.

I, like many, have questions about this but can’t get answers from our senators. So I am going to tell you what Chris Murphy has said about the new GOP plan and it will outrage you with the same outrage I experienced when Senator Capito did not bother to show up and do her job. Maybe after this is printed she will utter a response.

Senator Murphy says, “Let me count the ways the leaked GOP ACA repeal plan will totally screw you. You get a couple of thousand dollars to help you buy insurance. That’s it. If you are not rich or healthy, you won’t be able to afford anything. It gets worse. When you can’t afford your premiums because the tax credit is too small, you get a huge penalty when you try to sign up again. Coverage mandates penalties only work if you have affordable insurance. GOP plan cuts subsidies so much so that the penalty is unworkable. Mandatory benefits are repealed. So even if you CAN get insurance it doesn’t have to cover ANYTHING. Out of pocket skyrockets. Medicaid expansion is effectively gone. Millions and millions lose coverage and start using ERs again. Others die. If you’re older, premiums go WAY up. GOP plans gut premium protections for older consumers.” Wouldn’t you like your senator to tell you if this is true?

In contrast to ACA those tax credits you received will not be based on your income so low income people do not get enough help to have coverage. You see the Republicans feel that if you had income credit it would discourage you from working.

If Senator Murphy is right, do you think our senators are representing its constituents? Do you think they care what your questions and views are? Do you think they want you to know who they really are representing in Washington?

All I know is that senators who come back to their state while on recess to hold town hall meetings to hear from the constituents they represent is a pipe dream in West Virginia, but not in Connecticut.


Cecelia Wood-Treffner


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