Letter: Thoughts on 2020 election

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Dear Editor:

I wonder if the voters will take the 2020 elections more serious after the fiasco we got with Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton or if the voters will still just want another main event for the closing act? I am already wondering what the issues of the 2020 election will be and if we  will have qualified candidates which will be prepared to handle those issues?
I think John Kasich will be one conservative candidate of the Republican Party while Rand Paul and Ted Cruz will fit the liberal and independent’s ticket for a balanced choice for the voters to choose from.  Personally, I think Donald Trump is much like former president Ronald Reagan. With North Korea, Trump will have to show that he will not be the one that does give in, nor flinch. Otherwise, North Korea isn’t going to conform to any kind of negotiations or agreements. I have always been skeptical about Donald Trump not having experience in politics or government, but we were the ones that voted him in. President Trump is making a lot of decisions I do not particularly like but I do think Trump having built a multi-millionaire empire has to know something about being a leader and running the business part of government. I think Trump has to be versatile.
Regarding the Charlottesville, Virginia riot, Trump simply said that there is not a confrontation unless there are two opposite sides to conflict or provoke the other. If Trump had leaned more toward one side than the other, the whole ordeal would have just escalated into more violence with Trump being the main instigator. Why is it we are always wanting a candidate that will change our political system, but after we get him we don’t want him?

Leonard McIe
French Creek

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