Letter: Theta Chi apologizes for actions during rights march

Dear Editor:

Diversity of thought is what higher education should be centered around, challenging what we think we know about a subject or field. Professors work hard to push students to their upmost potential, and students research undiscovered schools of thought.

To be successful in an environment like this, both students and professors must consider all avenues of thought. You can never be sure about how to solve a problem or situation, until you solve it.

Unfortunately this uncertainness has created a divide in our politics, and our country. During a protest recently, this divide widened when the protesters were met with animosity from Buckhannon citizens and college students. A few were Theta Chi brothers, and the chapter as a whole would like to make an apology.

 The fraternity has always been alma mater first, and what they did does not reflect what Theta Chi stands for. We are an organization to advance the collegiate male to his upmost potential in the higher education system. Tolerance is the basis of our organization, and the basis of problem solving. Without considering all sides of a problem, there can never be a solution. As members of this community, we strive to be a part of the solution, and not a part of the problem.

Delta Gamma chapter of Theta Chi


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