Letter: Should government control things that are bad for us?

Dear Editor:

My letter has to do with freedom of choice and what our American veterans and servicemen and women fight and die for us to have those rights.

With tobacco products and usage, I know that tobacco products are not good for us, but neither are a lot of other things. Are we going to have city councils and society groups to make laws telling us which foods not to eat to prevent obesity and heart disease and such?

When I was in school our health classes taught from our health books that we had to eat red meat, cheeses, eggs and such to keep us healthy. Why is it now that those very teachings are what is killing us?

And with the nicotine patches and those products we use to stop tobacco use, are they good to use or addictive as well? 

What is America supposed to be all about and what is our Independence Day all about?

As a free American citizen with equal rights of freedom of speech, I like to voice my opinion of individual rights and freedom of speech, as with any news publications, which I see as the voice of we the people.

Leonard McIe