Letter: Rivalries should return for WVU

Dear Editor:

I think the WVU football schedule needs to have a regional base from year to year, such as with reinstating such old rivalry games as the Pittsburgh Panthers and Virginia Tech. The sub-division opponents on the WVU schedule could be replaced with alternating Marshall University, North Carolina State and Kentucky or Tennessee. I think North Carolina State would replace Penn State.

On a different topic, I was thinking about the abandoned strip mining areas former governor Earl Ray Tomblin left for industrial development in southern West Virginia. Why couldn’t there be a Fort Logan or Fort Boone such as with Prickett’s Fort and Fort New Salem located in North Central West Virginia? In this redeveloped area, there could be gun and ammo manufacturing plants to give West Virginia residents jobs and a tribute to West Virginia heritage and our way of life as Mountaineers, hillbillies, outdoorsmen and sportsmen. There could also be coal mining and logging museums with tourists information and welcome centers and souvenir shops. Lodging, dining and entertainment complexes with Colonial-style cabins and center halls.  Fort Boone and Fort Logan could become historical and educational sites like Fort New Salem and Prickets Fort. Other ideas include adding camping, hiking, hunting and fishing supply outlets.

On the issue of poverty and unemployment, why couldn’t there be a government-funded jobs program where state residents of southern West Virginia could be trained as construction workers and carpenters to build their own homes and mountain retreats for visitors.

As for gun rights, I do not like putting restrictions on the rights of responsible gun owners or the Constitutional rights of free American citizens. I do think gun laws such as being 21 years old to purchase certain types of guns and strict background checks could at least be acceptable gun laws versus the ones which want to outlaw guns and take our rights as free American citizens. How long will it be until they will want to shut down automobile plants and outlaw automobiles to prevent fatalities from automobile accidents?

Leonard McIe

French Creek