Letter: Remember emergency responders this holiday season

Dear Editor,

As I have lived to share another Thanksgiving with family and friends and feel the joy of hearing my 4-year-old great-grandson lead us in singing a Grace of thankfulness — I am reminded of some very special people for whom my family is especially grateful. These special people are the ones who respond when we have to dial 911.

You have saved lives in our family and for the most part we have not known your names.

As we have moved through our traumas and on to healing we have remembered you and thanked you in our hearts. Today, I want to publicly thank you all and acknowledge your contribution and the sacrifice you make when you respond to help others. Your hours are at all times of day and night and every emergency is different with its individual challenges. Your knowledge and skill, your preparedness and quick responses, your professionalism and courage are what every citizen is counting on when we have to dial 911.

I hope everyone who reads this will stop and send you a thank-you from their heart. You are a major part of the foundation and security of our community and you are deeply appreciated.

Blessings to you,
Dee Howell

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