Letter: Really? A Freddie statue in Jawbone Park?

Dear Editor:

Wake up Upshur County taxpayers. I see in The Record Delta that the city is going to put up a statue of French Creek Freddie at Jawbone Park. Is that really necessary? Doesn’t a statue of Freddie need to be where he historically originated in French Creek? If we have money for a statue, why not use it for Stockert Youth Center or the Salvation Army?

Another important matter — look at what the W.Va. Department of Highways is doing to Buckhannon Academy. They are taking the playground of young school children to accommodate McDonald’s. There is no more traffic now then there will be after it’s done. Why is the state favoring our worldwide profitable fast food chain instead of our elementary schools? Great question with no answers. Wake up. Let’s put that couple of a million dollars toward fixing our potholes, repaving the secondary roads and purchasing some snow plows. Use our money wisely politicians.

Voice your opinion to our elected and appointed officials.

Eugene Suder