Letter: Honor the flag on Thursday

To the Editor:

On Flag Day, June 14, we commemorate the adoption of the American flag. For more than 200 years, Old Glory has served as a symbol of our nation’s freedom and as a source of pride for our citizens. In patriotic parades and musical salutes, we support our local military and recognize the significance of the Stars and Stripes.

Flag Day is also a time to honor our nation’s veterans who have willingly served to protect the flag and the ideals it represents. With each ceremonial fold of the flag, we recognize the principles on which our country was founded: liberty, unity, justice and sacrifice.

On Flag Day, Unit 7 American Legion Auxiliary will join more than three-quarters of a million American Legion Auxiliary members across the nation as we honor our servicemembers and reflect on their commitment to our country.

Whether you are a veteran, the loved one of a servicemember, or a patriotic citizen, there are many ways to honor local heroes, such as visiting veterans’ homes, assisting with recognition ceremonies, collecting personal memories and photos from veterans to create keepsake journals, or simply flying the U.S. flag in tribute to their sacrifice.

As you wave the flag on June 14, remember that showing your gratitude for veterans does not have to be limited to Flag Day, Memorial Day, or Veterans Day. Throughout the year, join the American Legion Auxiliary is serving veterans, military and their families who have sacrificed for our freedom.

Thank you to all who have served Old Glory. Happy Flag Day!

  Founded in 1919, the American Legion Auxiliary (ALA) helps to advance the mission of The American Legion. With nearly three-quarters of a million members, it is the world’s largest women’s patriotic service organization and one of the nation’s most prominent supporters of veterans, military and their families. ALA members volunteer millions of hours annually, with a value averaging $2 billion each year. From helping to draft the GI Bill in 1944 to advocating for veterans on Capitol Hill, the American Legion Family has been instrumental in advancing legislation that improves the quality of life for our nation’s veterans. To learn more and get involved, visit www.ALAforVeterans.org.

Frank B. Bartlett

American Legion
Auxiliary Unit 7

Buckhannon, WV 26201