Letter: Find a time to sing

Dear Editor:

I have been thinking about country music artists who suffered from drug and alcohol addictions and great tragedies such as Hank Williams Jr. and the late Waylon Jennings. “No one told the river which way it should flow nor the wind which way it should blow. No man has the right to stand in the way of another man’s dreams. Maybe over the next hill, the grass is green. Rocky roads get smoother if you find a time to sing.”

“I believe in a loving father. I never have to fear that he loves us one and all. He gave us all a mind to think with and to know right from wrong. Even though our faith might not be all that strong, I believe in living life to its fullest each day, just as long as we are here. Life is sometimes magic and sometimes tragic but let it be a good lie all the way.”

I think of Elton John and “Candle in the Wind” and of the ones whose fires burned out much too soon like singers Mindy McCreedy, Whitney Houston and actor Robin Williams. I also think of Hank Williams Jr.’s father, the late Hank Williams Sr. and his songs, “Pictures from Life’s Other Side” and “Lost Highway.” Just let us all be living proof that Mountaineers are always free. “Rocky roads get smoother if we find a time to sing, a song of our love and what we are dreaming of.”

Leonard McIe

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