Letter: Do we really know what is out there?

Dear Editor:

As I think of growing up through the 1970s and the legend of Big Foot and Sasquatch and the movie, “The Legend of Boogie Creek,” I think was Big Foot ever really proven to be a hoax or could all of the documented sightings and film have been fraudulent or edited? Is it so far-fetched to think or believe that these kinds of creatures could exist in the depths of our wilderness areas just on the edges of our societies and civilization? Couldn’t Big Foot and Sasquatch be explained by cross-mating and breeding of apes and gorillas that have escaped from zoos to wonder and find each other to form an off-breed or cross species? Or some kind of cloning experiment that escaped from captivity? What has happened to our sense of mystery and wonder?

What about mountain lions and black panthers existing in the eastern United States? Does the Department of Natural Resources and forestry officers go out and draw off the boundaries or put up signs to how far the western mountain lion and cougar should wonder or migrate eastward? With the beautiful deer  population being prey for these cats to feed on and the many caves and rock cliff overhangs and such for their dens and shelters, what is to stop these kinds of animals from wondering or migrating? Is it so far-fetched?

We can go to zoos to see black panthers. What is to say a black panther could not escape from a zoo to mate and breed with a mountain lion or such?

Are we really alone or do we really know what is out there?

I am a hunter and sportsman and a reader of National Geographic and other outdoor sports magazines. 

What are the evolution of mankind? Has mankind, along with Mother Nature made monkeys out of us all?

Leonard McIe