Letter: DAR thanks community for supporting their yard sale

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Dear Editor:

The Elizabeth Zane Chapter, Daughters of the American Revolution voted this year to enter the fray of community yard sales as our fundraising project for this year …  and were so pleased at the response we received … and the  amazing profit we made … which will enable us to again this year supply copies of the Constitution to our B-UHS seniors, as well as finding ways to  serve our veterans, in collaboration with the American Legion and Mayor McCauley’s initiative,  as well as other projects we do in keeping with the goals of our National Society.
In response to all of that, we would like to sincerely thank the members of the community who often not only said “keep the change,” but who also simply gave donations when they realized who we are and what we do.  They were especially generous when realizing that part of our projects involved our veterans.  When I asked one gentleman who gave a donation if he were a veteran, he replied: “No, but I enjoy my freedoms!”  What a wonderful patriotic sentiment!   We had several out of town (or out of state) people who thanked us for the work we do as an organization … and that was a rich reward for all the work it required to set up, sell and take down.
So, THANK YOU Buckhannon for your support!  We DO live in a patriotic community that supported us not only for the bargains we had to offer (which were bountiful, but also for our work with veterans and active duty military personnel, along with work we do in education and literacy … along with several other projects we undertake.)  We also thank those people outside the chapter who donated items for us to sell. I would like to personally thank those of our membership who gave of their time …  especially  Marty Kelley for allowing  us to use the showroom of the Kelley Motors building  as our venue.  We are so grateful for the fact that we were “covered,” literally, from whatever the weather had to offer.  Others of our membership who gave of their time were Nancy Greenleaf (and husband, Virgil), Loretta Dawson, Delores Wilson, Lorena Casto, Jane Reddecliff, Jean Harris, Sharon Boone, Georgette Ward (and husband, Phil), Yvonne Foster, Maureen Hull and my husband, Ian.  All of these members, working together, made this venture more of a success than I ever dreamed possible.

With my sincere gratitude,
Carolyn R. Crozier, Regent
Elizabeth Zane Chapter, Daughters of the American Revolution

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