Letter: City council, please stand up for LGBTQ citizens

Dear Editor:

I’m writing today to ask Buckhannon City Council to further stand up for LGBTQ citizens. A few years ago, Buckhannon City Council passed a resolution protecting LGBTQ applicants and employees from discrimination in city employment, a move I applaud; however, there are also concerns for other LGBTQ citizens.

I’m a gay Upshur County resident, not city, but still an Upshur taxpayer, so this issue does affect me, still, even as a county resident. I shop in the city of Buckhannon, and conduct county government business in the city. With recent political events, I am very concerned with potential confrontations doing business in Upshur County, and specifically, the City of Buckhannon. As you know, we live in a very rural area, and shopping choices are very limited. I’m open to others having political and other beliefs, but as a citizen and customer, I should not have to be worried going into a business wondering if I will be served, due to the orientation I was born with.

I urge Buckhannon City Council to expand their resolution to protect LGBTQ citizens, both current and potential Buckhannon residents and consumers, from discrimination in employment, housing and public accommodations in city limits.

I will be going publicly in front of Buckhannon City Council with these requests.

Thank you.

Robert W. Sargent

French Creek