Letter: City council needs to make upkeep of cemeteries a priority as well

Dear Editor,

I read in our local paper Aug. 7 where city council is setting priorities. When I read this article I thought about years past when our city was run basically by different boards all operating separately and financially. There was a water board, waste board, cemetery board, street board and there were others which I don’t remember.
The current operation of the city council must not be operating under these all boards and perhaps hasn’t been for quite some time. My main concern when I read the article of the city council priorities, I did not see the cemetery even mentioned. I believe that Heavener Cemetery under the city’s control affects not only most city residents but probably more citizens outside the city than any other individual cemetery in Upshur County.
I realize that this has been a very wet spring and summer but I believe the city needs to adjust for these times, because the mowing of the cemetery allows it to look very good at a distance, but the trimming is not being done.
I am a member of the Upshur County Honor Guard and on Memorial Day when we place the American flags at each veteran’s grave it is impossible to locate many veteran footstones of the deceased. I would suggest that the scheduling for mowing and trimming be done a week before Memorial Day, a week before the Fourth of July, a week before Labor Day and a week before Veterans Day. This is my opinion and it is very important for our community and our city and it should be placed on the highest priority list.
The cemetery is now a show place and will continue to be with the large American Flags that are now flying during these holiday seasons. Its total beauty can only be shown if the mowing and trimming of the cemetery are done properly. Please consider my remarks to be constructive criticism and let’s work to make these much needed improvements.

Robert Post
Americanism Chairman of the American Legion Post 7
Member of the Upshur County Honor Guard

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