Letter: Christian and Pro-Life

Dear Editor:

“It is quite ironic how people can be for abortion only because they have been allowed to be born.” – President Ronald Reagan

An unplanned or unwanted pregnancy should not result in the death of an unborn child, to sacrifice their lives is a terrible evil. Imagine trying to justify telling a woman it is okay to kill their own child. How horrified we are when a woman kills their baby after it is born because we know that is so wrong.

A child’s life is at stake when we take away its humanity. Calling it a mass of cells, pregnancy tissue or a blob when it is growing inside its mother’s womb is pure ignorance. In this day and age we can clearly see that it is a baby growing and developing. The baby is stretching, kicking, sucking its thumb and sleeps inside its mother. The baby has 10 fingers, 10 toes and it has a face. The baby has a heart beat and can feel pain. This is a living human being.

As a Christian and having been involved in the pro-life movement for 19 years I understand that women suffer greatly after an abortion. There are literally thousands of women across America who regret their abortions and their stories are on the site, Silent No More. Many women will conceive another baby soon after their abortion to “make up” for the one that was killed. Women are known to commit suicide from the guilt, or they suffer depression. In our movement, we are not trying to make women feel guilt. We are trying to stop them from making this life changing choice. We will counsel women to let them know that God forgives and that they are loved. Many of the women involved in pro-life have had abortions and they are doing everything in their power to prevent women from making this same horrible choice.

It is a giant leap to think that the Lord would approve of an abortion. These babies are his creations. No matter how they are conceived, He has plans for their lives. Psalm 139:15-16 are beautiful verses telling how God created and formed us.

Some women have lost their lives in abortions, but in almost 100 percent of abortions, the babies have all died. It’s not right. Let’s not justify abortion. Let us use our resources to support women who find themselves with unplanned pregnancies.

Think about this: If you don’t want your baby, give it to someone who can raise it. That child will come back to you and call you “blessed.” Let your child live out their life. This may be a strange way to end my thoughts, but I read somewhere that every child should have the right and a chance to hate brussel sprouts.

Jill Andrew of Buckhannon

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