Letter - China Wok owners: Thanks for a great 23 years

Dear Editor:

Buckhannon’s China Wok Chinese Restaurant located on Main Street is announcing new management after April 1, 2017. After 23 years of providing food to the town’s residents, the owners of China Wok would like to give thanks back to the community that helped to achieve their dream of providing a comfortable life for their family.

Current owner Johnny Wang and his wife Lydia Wang appreciate everyone for their support of the business since 1994 and will always remember the warm memories that the community has brought over the years for them as well as their children, Eric (18) and Christine (22).

The family will be handing over the business with confidence to Karen Chen and her husband Yibing Chen — an experienced Chinese cook from Boston, Massachusetts — and hope to see Buckhannon’s continued positive support for the Chen family in the future.

Johnny Wang