Letter: Be aware of political code words like ‘tolerance,’ ‘equality’ and ‘veteran’

Dear Editor:

Reading the last Letter to the Editor on Oct. 18, I believe a balanced response is in order.

“Building bridges for a stronger community and better future” seems a very plausible endeavor by two or more well-meaning groups. Seems altogether fitting for the world we live today. Seems to be an effort that all would embrace and support whole-heartedly. And who would want “hate” to abide here in Buckhannon? Who would refuse or bulk at such a thing?

However some like myself look at the “underlying message and agenda” with much sensitivity. As with many of today’s “new voices” they all have one thing in common and that is a “broader agenda.” It would be wise for people to examine what these may be before embracing their goals. They will attract (and very successfully I might add) by using several key words, like tolerance, inclusion, equality, diversity and even include veteran as they recently used in Morgantown to pass the very same kind of bill on discrimination. And go further by including health care, addiction, child care, meals to seniors, farming and all to the betterment of a more stable and prosperous community. Oh, and let us not forget the all important interest in voter registration, of which nothing can proceed to maturity. These are used mainly as “code words” to expand agendas, which I have no doubt they firmly believe and fully embraced.

I am reminded at times like these when morality is being turned upside down and our flag is being scorned along with our national anthem, by millionaire’s, and the big push to “teach our children,” that it may be a good time to: “Be Wise as Serpents, but Gentle as Doves.”


David R. Martin

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