Lesson Learned "Reaching for the Future"!

Lesson learned at the invitation of Rebecca Bowers-Call, Director of the Fred W. Eberle Technical Center (FETC), is that our career and technical education students are living up to the center’s motto: “Reaching for the Future”!

As a member of the FETC administrative council, I welcomed the invitation to attend their Skills USA meeting February 5. Recent surveys for future education directions for Upshur County students are noteworthy in that 50 percent of our families favor career and technical education for our Buckhannon-Upshur High School students graduating prepared for their future careers. The large gathering of students for this after-hours session featuring practical information on resume building; scholarship opportunities; and help with work applications for industry, state and federal jobs was worth their invested time. Their enthusiasm showed! On the mark; get set; go! These FETC students are really excited—ready to run the race of Life.

Consider the time and effort these students are investing for in-demand careers and professions:

* Carpentry (1,080 hours)

* Commercial Drivers License (CDL) Truck Driving, License (300 hours)

* Cisco Networking Academy, Diploma (600 hours)

* Computer Systems Repair Technology, Diploma (600 hours)

* Cosmetology, Certificate / Licensure (1,890 hours)

* Electrical Technology - Evening, Diploma (1,080 hours)

* Evening Welding, Certificate (600 hours)

* Licensed Practical Nursing, Diploma (1,350 hours)

* Diesel Technology - Evening (675 hours)

How very pleased I am to realize Barbour, Lewis and Upshur County students are getting repeat messages that life in the work force means drug-free testing. Even as students they are randomly tested. During their SKILLS USA meeting, they were told firmly that in their job application process they will be tested! Also, skills expected by the future employers include character traits like being Honest; being Trustworthy; exhibiting Listening skills; showing ability to Follow Directions; and being Dependable.

By my professional education as a medical doctor and psychiatrist, I thought the information shared was right on. For example, job interview tips included a page of practical items such as:

* Smile. It’s the best thing in your wardrobe.

* Let your body language do some talking.

* Sit up straight during your interview.

* Sit near the edge of the chair with both feet on the floor.

* Visualize your ideas and use your hands to illustrate what you mean.

* Look at the manager whenever he or she speaks.

* Use facial expressions to emphasize important points.

Once again, the MISSION of the Upshur County Schools is confirmed: “To provide academic preparation; social responsibility; EMPLOYABILITY; and a desire for lifelong learning.”


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