Lesson Learned (August 5)

Mr. Wilson's Care

We welcome guest columnist Kristi Wilkerson, elected member of Upshur County Board of Education.

Mr. Wilson’s Care

Upshur County Schools recently named Mr. Michael Wilson as our county Teacher of the Year. He teaches math at Buckhannon-Upshur High School, advises Student Council, and coordinates special events including graduation.

Mr. Wilson actively seeks ways to offer more and better experiences for students. When the pandemic hit in spring 2020, he didn’t take “no” for an answer and worked with students to have a Commencement ceremony. While collaborating with students, he discovered other ways to ensure they maintained some sense of the high school experience, including Homecoming and Prom.

On June 15, Mr. Wilson visited our Board of Education meeting to share his educational perspective of CARE—Continually Assess by Redirecting and Engaging. He explained that teaching requires examining the foundation of an academic area because without a strong base, the program, and therefore learning, will crumble. He challenges others involved in the education of children and youth to ask and contemplate, “Is the foundation or structure strong enough to support what we’re doing?” Teaching surely requires constant analysis and assessment.

Mr. Wilson knows that students’ minds must continually grow, and that the human mind is something that technology can never replace. When young minds grow, that is when the “light bulbs come on.”

Special emphasis was placed on relationships. Students need supported through connections with peers and adults. They also need to know how all academic subject areas are connected in order for there to be adequate educational grounding and the opportunity for more intellectual growth.

Finally, Mr. Wilson shared that education requires all of us working together as a team. When someone says “it can’t be done,” students deserve for teachers, administrators, parents/guardians, and others to find a way for the difficult to happen.

I am grateful that Upshur County is blessed to have educators like Mr. Wilson within our school system. I am often asked why I enjoy serving on the Board of Education, and this is why. It is an honor to support teachers and other school employees like Mr. Wilson. These staff members always focus on what is best for students. They are flexible and adapt to the changing needs of students no matter what challenges they face. Our community and our children and youth are fortunate to have teachers who inspire them, collaborate with them, and truly CARE for them.

Congratulations, Mr. Wilson, on a job well done, and thank you for tirelessly working to do all you can for our students!


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