Laps for Tap this weekend

BUCKHANNON — “Laps for Tap” became a labor of love for friends, co-workers, and classmates (Buckhannon-Upshur High School Class of 1976) of Tappan Williams Squires following her valiant battle with cancer.
The legacy Tappan left is one of passion for Buckhannon Upshur sports, swimming, and service to her community as an educator, athlete and mentor, committed to promoting physical and mental health through her passion for students and adults in her community. 
As a tribute to her, “Laps for Tap” will be raising funds for the scholarship named for her mother, The Catherine “Splash” Williams Scholarship Fund.  
The event will be held Sat., June 1 at the Buckhannon-Upshur High School Track and the Upshur County Recreational Park Pool, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., with on-site Registration beginning at 8 a.m.
Boston Marathon running coach, motivational speaker, and fellow classmate of Tappan’s, Rick Muhr, joins the effort by
returning to Buckhannon this weekend to run in the Tappan Squires Memorial Run/Walk.

Rick has been a marathon runner for 41 years and has been a professional running coach for the Boston marathon for 23 years. He’s been instrumental in raising more than $70 million for New England charities, providing hope, opportunity and the gift of life.

In this spirit, and as a lifelong friend of Tappan Williams Squires, he will be running in the Tappan Squires Memorial Run/Walk on June 1st at the B-UHS track to support the Catherine “Splash” Williams Scholarship Fund.
Tappan, herself, grew up in Buckhannon, graduating B-UHS in 1976.  She went on to attend WVU’s School of Physical Education and graduated in 1980, she later completed master’s degrees in Special Education in 1989 and School Health Education in 1998. Tappan worked in the Upshur County School system beginning in 1985 in special education and later physical education. She coached various sports in her career including women’s basketball and swimming as well as volunteered at the youth levels for swimming and soccer.
For more information about the event contact Kelly Queen at 304-439-8068 or Jack Reger at 304-997-9883.


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