L-UAC extends Saturday hours

BUCKHANNON — After only having less than a handful of visitors during their extended Sunday hours, the Lewis-Upshur Animal Control Facility (L-UAC) is trying to change it up to better accommodate the community.

During a County Commission meeting in February 2020, L-UAC Facility Director Jan Cochran requested an extension of business hours on a trial basis. Cochran asked that the facility be allowed to open from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. on Sundays, for an eight-month trial period, effective February 2. Prior, the facility was never open on Sundays.

Cochran originally made this request due to the amount of working people in both counties and surrounding areas who are unable to make it to L-UAC during normal business hours. Given that very few people took advantage of L-UAC’s Sunday hours, Cochran is now suggesting keeping the facility open an additional two hours on Saturdays and going back to being closed on Sundays.

Commissioners approved Cochran’s request and the extended Saturday hours will take effect August 7. According to Cochran, L-UAC’s busiest adoption days are Monday and Friday, but it is hard to gage which days the facility will be busiest. “It comes and goes,” she explained.

The facility is also still open by appointment. If you call and let them know when you are available, they will happily schedule an appointment for you to come look at an animal or claim your animal. Cochran does ask that individuals have a specific animal in mind when making an appointment. “Sometimes it leads to an adoption, sometimes it doesn’t,” she told Commissioners. Regardless, they will be more than glad to meet with people, Cochran emphasized.


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