Kittle caught in the act

BUCKHANNON— A local man was jailed after giving a bizarre explanation when he was caught breaking in to a garage last Sunday in attempt to steal a motorcycle. Nicholas Andrew Kittle, age 18, stands accused of burglary and attempted grand larceny, according to court documents.

The criminal complaint said Buckhannon Police Department’s Officer Angel McCauley responded to an incident in reference to a break in at 118 Pocahontas St. As McCauley arrived, she noticed the accused had broken in to the garage and was observably distraught while still sitting on the motorcycle. The officer inquired what had happened and Kittle reportedly stated, “A man in a black ski mask in a black van shoved pills down my throat and told me that I had to steal the motorcycle or else I would be harmed.” Additionally, the report said fumes were easily detected and visible from the exhaust due to the garage being closed.

The officer also discovered that the windows in the garage door were broken from the accused shooting a BB gun at them. McCauley reportedly discovered the bottom of the garage door had been broken from Kittle running the motorcycle into it. The value of the motorcycle was estimated at a value of $2,000. EMS then transported the accused to the hospital for carbon monoxide inhalation. Resident and victim, Lowell Queen, allegedly had no knowledge as to who the accused was or why Kittle had been in his garage.

Kittle was transported to Tygart Valley Regional Jail. If found guilty, the accused may face confinement in a State Correctional Facility for not less than one year, nor more than 15 years for Burglary; and shall, in discretion of the court, be either imprisoned in the penitentiary for not less than one year, nor more than three years, or confined in jail not less than six months nor more than 12 months, and fined not to exceed $500 for attempted grand larceny. Magistrate Kay Hurst set bond in the amount of $10,024 The accused is to have no contact with Lowell Queen and must comply with random drug/alcohol testing upon release.


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