Khan announces candidacy

Asad Khan

BUCKHANNON — Asad Khan recently announced his pre-candidacy filing for a seat on the Buckhannon City Council. The 18-year-old is a lifelong resident of the Buckhannon Community. Khan said he decided a while back that he wanted to take this venture into politics and stated, “Buckhannon is in need of new blood. We are in need of someone that will help not only the older voters, but also the younger voters as well, and that is the main thing that I am fighting for.”

Khan indicated that many of the younger population are moving from the Buckhannon area due to a plethora of issues, and said he wants to have the opportunity to speak for them and be a voice for those individuals. Khan reported that his run for office has been in the making for such a long time, that he could not even put an approximate timeline on the decision. He explained his only fear in running for office was his worry about, “Exactly what is happening right now – the hate that is currently being brought up.”

Khan addressed the issue of how his young age will affect how he will be perceived as he pursues a seat on the City Council. Khan graduated from elementary school at age 11, and he also reportedly tested out of the middle and high school arenas at that time. Khan was considered to be a child prodigy, as he started preparing for his future on the campus of West Virginia Wesleyan College at the tender age of 16. He is still enrolled at WVWC, where he is currently working on a degree in healthcare administration. 

Khan asserted, “I was able to see a great deal of diversity while on campus at WVWC.” He added, “Many people that go to school here end up wanting to leave because there are not a lot of opportunities for children and adolescents, which results in the younger people getting involved in negative behaviors and we need to be able to offer more opportunities. We need to help them because they will represent Buckhannon in the future.” 

Khan feels that as a young candidate, he offers the ability to, “Hit hard, go hard. I get things done and I want to get things done. I am a fighter and I want to fight for our city. I am tired of how things are going, and I am ready to step up and make a change in Buckhannon.” Khan indicated that his focus points are, “Bringing more to our city and helping the town to grow. Buckhannon has so much potential and it is kind of in a mute stage right now.” Khan added, “I would like to be a part of bringing more economic boom to the city.”

Khan stated, “My number one biggest issue in running for office is the hate that goes on in our community.” Khan reported that he feels the misconceptions that occur are driving out the younger population. The homeless situation is also an issue Khan hopes to help abolish. Safety, especially at nighttime, is another concern Khan is hopeful to address if elected to office. Khan said he wants people to feel safe and for parents to feel their children are safe walking down the street or going out to dinner with friends in the downtown area. 

Another area of passion for Khan is helping animals. Khan hopes to implement a no kill shelter in Buckhannon with the help of the county. “Other counties are doing it and having great success,” explained Khan. He said he is hopeful “To work positively with the county officials and whoever I need to work with to help improve Buckhannon and bring it into the future.” Khan said he has been active with Relay for Life, Luv for Animals, the Buckhannon Dog Park and the Buckhannon Community Theatre.

Khan professed, “I am a constitutionalist. I believe we are swaying away from our constitution, and I believe our forefathers would be very upset.” Khan wants the community to know that he is a Muslim by faith, but explained, “The way it actually happened, is my father gave me the choice that whatever faith I wanted to follow and that was fitting for me, he would support. I liked the Muslim faith, but in no way, shape or form, do I want to harm anyone. My goal is only to improve the city.” Khan asserted that he does not want the community to stereotype him as a radical Muslim trying to take over the city. Khan was born and raised in Buckhannon. His father moved to Buckhannon over 20 years ago and has helped many people as a practicing physician in the community. Khan wants voters to know his pursuit of a seat on City Council is simply that of a young man with a mission to help improve his city.

Anyone seeking a local office is encouraged to contact The Record Delta and share information about the candidacy with our readers.


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