Kesling Mill crash sends two to hospital

BUCKHANNON — A traffic intervention on Rt. 33 cannot come soon enough, as yet another accident occurred at the Kesling Mill intersection late Thursday morning.

George A. Smith, age 77, said he had just filled up his gas cans at the station on Kesling Mill Road and was attempting to cross both lanes of Rt. 33 at the intersection when the crash occurred shortly after 11 a.m.

Smith was driving a 2009 GMC 1500 truck when he struck the side of an older model Dodge Intrepid that was traveling east and driven by Debra Davis, age 70. “There went my safe driving record,” Smith said with dismay, as he explained he had worked driving a truck for 36 years before his retirement.

Smith said he had stopped because there was traffic traveling east in front of the Intrepid, but she was in a blind spot behind his mirror when he proceeded through the intersection. “I saw them at the last split second and got on the break. I avoided the front end and thought I was going to miss them,” Smith stated. “No accident is good, but it could’ve been a lot worse.”

As soon as he could get his truck moved out of the road, Smith said he went to check on the occupants of the other vehicle. Upshur EMS and the Buckhannon Fire Dept. quickly responded to the scene and had to assist both Davis and her female passenger out of the car on the driver’s side because the vehicle had reportedly spun around at the time of impact and it was lodged too close to the guard rail for the other door to open.

Cpl. T.A. Menendez of the WV State Police was the investigating officer assisted by Deputy T. Caynor of the Upshur County Sheriff’s Department.

Smith was reportedly uninjured, and his truck was able to be driven from the scene; however, Davis’ vehicle required towing. Davis and her passenger were both transported to St. Joseph’s Hospital. According to Cpl. Menendez, she was later transported to J.W. Ruby Hospital in Morgantown as a precaution due to a bleed in her head. The officer added that he spoke with Davis’ husband on Friday and was glad to hear that she had been discharged and was on her way home.


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