Karnes seeks re-election to Senate

Robert Karnes announced recently his intention to seek re-election to the 11th district of the W.Va. State Senate.

Robert is a West Virginia native. He grew up in Nitro and graduated from Poca High School. Robert and his wife Amy have been married for 23 years and have eight children.

Senator Karnes is currently chair of the Select Committee on Tax Reform and the Pensions Committee. He is vice chair of the Education Committee.

Four years ago Robert ran for State Senate on a platform of jobs, economic growth, education reform and protecting our liberty.

Four years later, West Virginia is adding jobs, 3,500 net new jobs in the last year alone. We have added thousands of new jobs in the coal industry. Thousands of new jobs in timber and construction.

During one quarter last year West Virginia had the second fastest economic growth just behind Texas.

We pulled West Virginia out of the Common Core Consortium and scrapped the SBAC. Other education reforms have included relaxing the 180- day requirement, giving budgetary flexibility to local school boards and reducing the size of the State BOE bureaucracy.

We have enhanced our liberty by strengthening the second amendment, protecting free speech, protecting the unborn, and guarding our religious liberties.

We have enacted many welfare reforms measures such as drug testing for TANF recipients, requiring abled-bodied adult Medicaid recipients to work, volunteer or attend school for 20 hours per week to maintain benefits.

“When you trust me with your vote, I believe that is a sacred trust. I have worked diligently to honor that trust. I have focused on jobs, growth, education and liberty. I have been a part of the Senate’s Leadership Team since I was elected, chairing four different committees. I have been a leader on economic, education, second amendment and pro-life issues. We have accomplished much but there is much more to do. For the next four years it is my intent to stick with what has been working and focus on those same issues again.

“We need tax reform to further enhance economic growth and job creation. We need to continue reforming our education system by continuing to push for more local control and by putting our teachers in charge of the classroom. We need to engage parents in our public school system. While many parents are actively involved, a number treat the schools as a babysitting service. I believe the best way to guard our liberty is to be suspicious of every encroachment and as a member of the Senate Judiciary Committee I will continue to watch every piece of legislation closely.”

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