Joyful music fills Jawbone Park

BUCKHANNON — Local churches and singing groups gathered in Jawbone Park on Sunday evening to celebrate Pentecost and share in joyful music and devotions.

The event, which was previously held at Jerry Run Theatre, was sponsored by the Upshur Parish and local churches of multiple denominations. It was moved to Jawbone Park this year to accommodate social distancing rules and to allow more family involvement. “We had a great turnout being right in Buckhannon. All the neighbors came and brought their lawn chairs, and it was great,” said Renee Anderson, organizer of the event.

At least 17 performers took turns sharing different arrangements for the crowd. One of those groups was a quartet from First United Methodist Church. Rodney Irwin made sure the sound equipment was running perfectly for the groups, while Reverend Darrel Gooden shared prayer and devotions with those in attendance.

Pentecost is the Christian festival celebrating the descent of the Holy Spirit on the disciples of Jesus after his Ascension, held on the seventh Sunday after Easter. In other words, during Pentecost, the church received the Holy Spirit, who empowers and enables them to witness for Christ throughout the nations and give glory to God. This remains the importance of Pentecost to the modern church.

The gospel sing concluded with an invitational song of Amazing Grace which was echoed by the bagpipes played by Marvin Carr. “There were at least 150 people there and it was so wonderful,” Anderson said. The Pentecost Gospel Sing is an annual event, so if you missed out on it this year watch for the 2022 date to plan for attendance.


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