Journalism matters now more than ever

BUCKHANNON — In a crisis, journalism matters more than ever.

When the world careens out of control, The Record Delta is a calming source of facts and information.

At its core, the COVID-19 pandemic is a deeply personal story. We want to know that our family, friends and neighbors are safe.

That’s where your local paper delivers. We are reporting what’s going on in our schools, our churches, our hospitals. We are answering your questions every day. Factually and fairly.

To keep doing this, we ask for your support, now more than ever. It’s always been costly to gather and distribute the news. It’s even more challenging when our advertisers face uncertainty.

You can help keep the news flowing by starting or renewing your subscription.  The journalists and other staff at our family-owned paper are working harder than ever to serve you.

Together, armed with the facts, we will get through this crisis. Thank you for your trust in us. It’s an obligation and honor we hold dear to our heart.


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