January recognized as National CBD Month

BUCKHANNON — One of Buckhannon’s local CBD dispensaries is celebrating National CBD Month all January. Endo Solutions, located at 15 Main Street, offers a range of cannabinoid wellness products to suit a variety of needs.

Previously located in Tennerton, Tom Thacker, owner of Endo Solutions, relocated to Main Street last January in order to both offer easier access and curbside pickup for their customers who have turned to CBD to help with various health problems. The move has been a resounding success in terms of promoting the business’ visibility and promoting its core belief, that CBD can change a person’s life.

As the store nears its third year in operation and its second doing business on Main Street, it is taking part in January’s National CBD Month celebration to raise awareness on the possible benefits of using CBD products. Endo Solutions is stocked with products from local companies, including Cannabaugh Farms, Doc Jon’s, Lip Drip Cosemetics, Moonfoower Hemp, RxRemedies, Seed of Hope, Shady Grove Botanicals and Whispering Winds Medicinals. If a similar product isn’t produced locally in West Virginia, then Endo Solutions has other available hemp products sourced from companies around the nation.

Declaring January as National CBD Month is a huge step in the acceptance of cannabinoids in America. Largely due to the longtime federal ban on cannabis, CBD and its properties were long obscured by multiple stigmas. Nonetheless, ongoing scientific research has been uncovering many potentials for human wellbeing, to which many CBD users have personally testified. This ongoing shift in opinion, in terms of the medical communities’ stance on cannabinoids as a whole, has steadily eroded the traditionally, negative perception of the use of cannabis products. As new information continues to wither away at the old perception of CBD with each passing generation, modern society has reached a stage where of acceptance in using these products.

As the store website explains, “While hemp has been around for millions of years, prohibition has made trying it daunting for some.” Thacker has dedicated himself to aiding others by educating them on the process in which hemp becomes oils, lotions, and edibles; what the different cannabinoids are and how they interact with bodies.

By law, CBD products usually possess less than 0.3% tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which is the active ingredient in marijuana that sparks a users’ high. This is a very miniscule amount of THC, which allows CBD products to be used for a variety of medicinal uses, without posing a severe threat of addiction or any other negative side effects. CBD products have garnered a reputation for being very beneficial to individuals stricken with ailments such as anxiety, chronic pain, insomnia, inflammation and depression.

“Usually — not always, but usually — CBD has a profound effect on a person. It’s just really amazing stuff. Whether it’s pain due to arthritis or anxiety, there’s just a ton of things that it can helps with,” said Thacker.

With CBD products taking the wellness world by storm, it seems Thacker got in on the trend at the perfect time. The rapidly expanding CBD industry is booming with conservative projections pointing towards profits topping $16 billion in the United States alone by 2025. Thacker’s business has ensured Upshur County residents would have access to CBD products in their community.

Not interested in smoking CBD flower or vaping CBD oil, but still mulling over trying to fit CBD products in your personal wellness journey? Don’t worry, Endo Solutions offers a wide selection of CBD products, including capsules, lotions, edibles, and much more. With an expansive list of CBD products in varying forms, Endo Solutions can work with a customer’s individual needs in order to find a CBD regimen that fits. Stop in for more information regarding local CBD products and how they can best help you!


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