It takes a community effort

BUCKHANNON — Community members throughout the county are committed to giving to neighbors in need. During this season of Thanksgiving, that spirit of generosity has not gone unnoticed. The Buckhannon Salvation Army partnered with Christian Fellowship, Celebrate Recovery, Restoring Hope and Buckhannon Alliance Church to provide a full Thanksgiving dinner for 90 families. 

On Saturday morning at the Living Word Church of God on Thurman Avenue, representatives from each group organized and stocked 90 bags full of corn, green beans, mashed potatoes, gravy, stuffing, hot rolls, cake and icing, along with a voucher for a turkey, to feed families in need. Many of the volunteers would spend the afternoon delivering the bags to families in some of the most rural parts of the county. 

“Most of these families did not receive a basket from the Parish House,” explained Sharla Smith Director of the Buckhannon Salvation Army. Smith reported that some people have inquired about the fact that some of the families being served by this partnership had possibly already received a basket from the Parish House. “So what if they did. These families have kids that will be off all week and no access to the school lunch, backpack program, or food bank at school. If they get an extra meal and the family cooks it for them and they are fed this week, then it doesn’t matter if they already got one from Parish House. The goal is to assist and make sure kids are fed,” furthered Smith.

The Salvation Army was responsible for purchasing 70 of the turkeys and 70 packages of hot rolls for the bags that were gifted to neighbors in the community. Celebrate Recovery Leader Doug Spears stated, “Kids are the biggest victim; adults choose their path but, kids don’t have that choice, so we feed the children. They are truly why we do this. If I am somewhere and I don’t get fed, I can get in my truck and go get something or make something on my own, but kids do not have that advantage. If there is no food and nobody to cook it, they don’t eat. They don’t have a choice in the matter, so as much as we want to help everyone, the kids are really what it is all about.”

A very warm thank you to the loving kindness exuded by these various groups who pulled together to feed an extra 90 families that otherwise may not have had a Thanksgiving dinner. It is so wonderful to live in a community that shows so much care and compassion for their neighbors and friends. 


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