Home invasion suspect arrested at scene

BUCKHANNON — A man who broke into a home while the homeowner was asleep was still in the home when deputies arrived on scene.
Christopher Moriarty, 24, of Buckhannon, was arrested for nighttime burglary, two counts, a felony; destruction of property,  two counts, assault on an officer and obstructing an officer, all misdemeanors.
Upshur County Sheriff’s Deputy Tyler Chidester responded to an E-911 call of an active home invasion about 1:55 a.m. Saturday on Hidden Hills Lane, according to the criminal complaint in the Upshur County Magistrate Clerk’s office. The victim, Lisa Calef-Boring stated she was asleep in the living room when she heard glass break in her bedroom and then a banging sound.
“I had fallen asleep watching TV on the couch and I heard a noise and then I heard glass breaking,” Calef-Boring said Tuesday in an interview. “I got up right way and I continued to hear noises.”
Despite being roused out of a sleep, Calef-Boring said she figured out “pretty quickly” that someone was trying to break in to her house.
She also heard voices coming from the area where Moriarty was breaking in.
“At first, I thought it was more than one person,” she said. “It sounded like he was talking to himself or talking to someone else. I was pretty scared.”
Calef-Boring and her chocolate lab made their way to the sunroom and out the door where she was able to go to a nearby neighbor’s house and call E-911.
“I continued to hear noises like big booms,” she said. “The police told me that was him using a crow bar on the door to try to get in.”
Calef-Boring said she was worried about her other pets she had left behind and what Moriarty might be doing in her home.
When Chidester and Sgt. Marshall Powers arrived on scene, they heard a man yelling from inside the residence and apprehended Moriarty when he came out of the bedroom.
The deputies discovered that Moriarty used a spud bar to bust the door that led directly into the victim’s bedroom and that the victim’s purse had been dumped out on the bed with cash and credit cards scattered.
Additionally, a glass vase had been ripped off of the wall and shattered on the floor.
While Chidester was taking Moriarty to the sheriff’s department, Moriarty began slamming his body off of the seat of the cruiser and into the cage. Chidester stopped the cruiser to attempt to gain control of Moriarty who was distracting Chidester from driving safely.
Moriarty than allegedly attempted to kick Chidester who also observed that the radar from his back window had been ripped off and was lying in the floor with the wire still attached.
Earlier in the evening, deputies and troopers from the West Virginia State Police responded to two E-911 calls in the same area who reported a male subject attempting to gain entry to their home. The victims identified Moriarty as the suspect.
Moriarty was also arrested on a nighttime burglary count discovered April 17 when Lt. Mark Davis responded to an E-911 call of vandalism to a home on Hidden Hills Lane. The homeowners returned home after being out of town and discovered someone had damaged the outside of the house and entered the home and garage by using force. Inside the home, furniture had been upset, holes kicked in drywall and doors damaged.  
The incident happened sometime between April 13 when the victims left town and April 17. The homeowner, Mark Wilson, also reported a spud bar missing from his garage and was able to identify the one found at the home invasion as his own.
Magistrate Mike Coffman set bond at $120,000.
If convicted, Moriarty faces one to 15 years on each count of nighttime burglary, up to a year in jail and/or a fine up to $500 on each count of destruction of property, up to six months in jail and/or fined not more than $100 for assault on an officer and up to one year in jail and/or fined $50 to $500.
None of Calef-Boring’s pets were harmed but the home did sustain some damage — a door has already been replaced and drywall repairs  are on the horizon.
Calef-Boring said she is grateful for the response from the sheriff’s department and Moriarty’s quick apprehension.
“I’m glad he is not still out there,” she said.

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